Kudzu robot idea

I had this idea, though I'd post it here. I'm amazed at the lack of useful robots in this day and age! I think this one could work.

Kudzu is a big problem down south. Fields are overun with it and pesticides don't kill it. Yet, constant cutting of the vine will eradicate it. Here's a problem a robot could handle very well.

A spider type robot that could scan a 1 foot square, find a vine, and cut it, then move on, would be very useful to kill kudzu. These bots could be rented out for clearing fields. They could be given GPS boundaries to keep them in the field. No need to distinguish between kudzu and other types of plants, because kudzu overuns whole landscapes. When they are done, call them back into the truck and move on.

Let me know when you make em! :)


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Do goats eat kudzu? They eat thistles and everything else in the west. Herds of them are used to clear fields of weeds, etc.

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dan michaels

Ok, I got dibs on the name "RoboGoat"!


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Steve Bates

Man ... you get this idea going successfully and you can make a million overnight in the Atlanta, GA. region, alone!

Just my 1.25 cents worth ...

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But you couldn't have it just run along the fields, you'd have to make it climb the tall pine trees to eat the kudzu growing on them aling the interstates. It would be interesting to watch in the stop-and-go traffic...

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Ben Bradley

Why? I have never seen kudzu that doesn't have ground-level connection to a root system.

The challenge is differentiating kudzu from non-kudzu.

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Guy Macon

Especially kudzu from kiddie fingers. This might be the biggest real world challenge for an agri-bot. Plowing up Mrs. Jones' carnations is one thing, harvesting Jimmie's little toe is another.

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Mike McCann

Here's a robot climber link. Could be modified for kudzu perhaps.

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I've just seen the first commercial, on one of the cheap cable channels, for a little in-house "robot." Looks like a combination of the Swiffer(tm?) cleaning cloth attached to a round disk with a hole cut in the center and a battery powered ball trapped in the center of the disk that randomly drives around the room, rebounding after running into objects, pushing the disk around with it. It will run under your furniture and clean up the lint and dust on the floor. Didn't show what it will do with a carpeted floor.

Claimed to be a huge sales success in europe and now available in the U.S. for just $20 each. Comes with wall adapter to recharge the battery inside the ball.

Even if you don't buy one, the commercial is amusing. I don't remember the name of this wonder-product, sorry.

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Don Taylor

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