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I have a 5500 pounds 4 drive cdr duplicator with robot arm to load the cd drives and move the finished cds to the end spindle. It uses a arm which moves up/down and left right + picks up cd using 3 rubber tubes and air suction on end of arm.

I am thinking of trying to make a single cd duplicator with arm.

using parts of the drive from a old printer i should be able to do most of the arm up/down , even turn left right.

but does anyone have any ideas about the suction bit to pickup the cd. Can you get a suction motor ?..

the duplicator is only for a works cd catalogue and it would be a GOOD thing to be able to make one which works. software is not a problem as it could be run under windows or linux.. Nick

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A company called CPI makes a gizmo that converts shop air into suction.

Look for part # CPI-vsa-312-BO

or something similar.

And there's suction cups as well.

Far as I can make out, they are just little blocks of AL that are set to generate venturi suction.

I have some around the shop. Lemme know if your interested.

I dunno. Half price or something.


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