Industrial/hobby robot arm

What kind of load and/or performance are you looking for? What kind of price range?

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I'm looking for a robot arm, which will be suitable for use in a 'production' enviremont, but all i can find are robot arms which costing like 1 zillion dollars, even used ones.

Then there is the 'hobby' robot arms, which are like a few tenners, but thats not going to do the job.

Isn't there anything in between, a bit of a hobby project, but with good specs. I'm pretty desperate, and are looking to build one my own now, coz 35000 euro's is a bit to much for me........



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I just happened to come across the below post in c.r.research. Maybe you could get a near-freebie?

Quoted post follows:

Path:!!!easynet-quince!!!!not-for-mail From: "ehorrell" Newsgroups: comp.robotics.research Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Free Used GE Robots Followup-To: comp.robotics.research Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 17:05:45 +0000 (UTC) Organization:

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Hi everyone - The University of Massachusetts, Amherst Robotics lab has some older equipment that we no longer use. We're moving to new lab space, so we thought it was time to find a new home for our robots. We're offering them for free to any research group. Any takers would be responsible for shipping costs, and for helping us fill out all the paperwork required by our University for transfer. Our robots are all old GE industrial models: two P50s, one P60, and two A4s. If you are interested, please contact me for more information. We would really like to have these robots be in use rather than sitting in a junk pile (that's their current destination).

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ebay. I have seen nice arms for under $5000 there. Sure, they are older and they have a huge cabinet for the electrics, but you asked for cheap ;-). And if there's none in right now, just check again every week.

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Matthias Melcher

Depending on what you`re using it for; an old CNC machine might do?

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Ashley Clarke

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Mr Clarke

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