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I've listed a robot arm on ebay in order to finance my new, as of yet un-named robot. If you've been wanting a robot arm that will easily interface with a pc serial port to program to play chess or something you might consider it:

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I haven't quite got the page up and running for my new robot, but the picture is here: and another one: am attempting a balancing robot. The whole thing measures just over 30 inches tall. The wheels are 8 inch scooter wheels. I have larger batteries, but I don't want them on there until I work out the bugs. The rings are made of half inch lexan. I haven't finished wiring the motors up. One motor is missing from the picture since it was sitting on my workbench waiting for a new encoder disc. The motor controller is positioned in a stainless steel can. The microcontroller is an Atmega32 with an mg100 gyroscope out of a gyromouse I bought on ebay, and an adxl202 accelerometer. I hope to have it balancing within the next couple of months, but I know unforeseen obstacles could push that out longer. I am planning on adding an nslu2 running openslug linux to interface with the Atmega32. I've got openslug running off of a flash drive, and I'm working on getting the wireless adapter running on boot up. Right now you have to bring it up manually using the hardwired ethernet connection. The plan is to control it from my notebook computer, or have it run a program directly(drive in circle etc) until I can afford a low power onboard computer with enough processing oomph to run two cameras and perform visual processing for navigation. The floating point performance of most mini-itx boards seems to be lacking, so I'm waiting to get a Pentium M, or other similar low(relatively) power option.

Brent S.

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