Re: So how easy is this hobby to get into??

It's not the getting in part that's hard....It's the getting out part that's difficult.....

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This seems to be the case for many hobbies

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It can be very simple to make robots- and given the right processor, very simple to program them. What is tricky is learning the ground rules, like how best to make something hold a motor still or lock a battery in place. Robotics is fun and addictive and once you have made one machine crawl across the floor according to your rules, from dead motors and scraps of metal and plastic, you will be thinking of larger and better projects from then on.


Chip Shults My robotics, space and CGI web page -

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An alternative solution, if you are more interested in robot programmation than robot construction, is to consider pre-mounted robot, like Hemisson.


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If you need to ask...


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