Wanting to get back into models

I have not done models in a very long time since I was a kid. I would like to get back into if I can. What I am looking for is some general information.

Simple airbrush system. (looking for something I can use to do the painting. I am not planning on any fancy stuff just yet. Something that gives me a nice coat. Looking for a package)

Paint. (what are the paints that are out now. What one are better for what)

Glue (I remember using model glue out of these small packages. Have they come out with a better system to applied more accurately.)

Models (Looking for cars to start then maybe move to ships. what are the companies out there and what are there level of details vs. cost.)

I am asking all these questions because I am living in a isolated area and well the nearest hobby shop is about 500 miles away. So every thing is mail order. Thanks for any help that you can be.

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Hi Trevor,

You stumbled into the right place..

Single action (press for air, twist needle for paint) Badger 350 (??) is a good starter brush. Easy to clean, simple to operate. Get an in-line paint strainer to keep chunks from gumming up the works.

Testors makes a series of intro brushes, some like em, some hate em.

Canned air (Testors airbrush propellant $8+ per can) is expensive. A cheap compressor, Sears w no storage tank and a bit on the loud side >$100 is a good investment. Many folks use CO2, but I haven't given that a try yet.

Lots of better (read as: More $$$) compressors out there. With and with out tanks, with and without built in regulators moisture traps etc..

Lots of lines, long gone are the days of square bottle white label Testors.

Lots of acrylic (water cleanup) and enamels (turpentine clean up)

Acrylics: Poly Scale, Model Master, Tamiya, Gunze Sanyo and more I'm sure

Enamels Gunze, Model Master, and many specialty paints for cars, boats, whatever.

couple of options, Testors makes a black diamond shaped bottle with a metal needle for applying glue that is thinner than their tube stuff and thincker than the bottle and brush stuff.

Testors also makes a purple label bottle of liquid glue that comes in a glass bottle with a brush inside the cap. The brush is really too large, but get a retired natural hair brush and use it for percise application

Tenax 7 is a pretty 'hot' chemincal (MeK?) that bonds plastic almost instantly, again with the brush. I cant make their capilary action glass tube work for me, I get it gunked up.

Superglue and an accellerator. drip or toothpick the glue in place, brush the accellerator above the joint and let it run in. Inatant bond.

sorry, can't help ya there.. I'm a tank guy

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Paasche H is hard to beat for cheap and damned near bullet proof......mine's being going for 31 years so far. Also get a tank type compressor with regulator and moisture trap.

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has the best price on the airbrush.

I like Model Master Acryl and Gunze Sangyo aqueous myself but need to prime under them, Alclad primer works for me.

Various super glues, Tenax-7R, Ambroid Proweld and good old Testors liquid cement applied with a small brush.

Got me on cars. Lots of ships are coming out in plastic now and then there are the resin ships. You'd have to be more specific on era and scale for ships.

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Does anybody have the address of that FAQ for this group? That would be a good site for Mr. Trevor to look around in as well. I have the ship models FAQ bookmarked but not this one.

Bill Shuey

Trevor wrote:

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William H. Shuey

I recommend you start with our group's FAQ:

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One of the best web resources for model car info is the message board hosted by Hobby Heaven:

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Al Superczynski

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