How to get coordinates?

Hi all,

I need your help for doing some things on AutoCAD 2006: (note: I use the spanish version, so I'm just guessing the words in english)

I have a polyline with cubic smoothing. I intend to move the, scale and transform the polyline, and get the new coordinates, but I don't know how.

I only know how to transform the polyline. Once transformed, I need to make a new discretization of the points, i.e. I need to specify where to put the points from which I 'll get the coordinates. Specially, I want to place more points where the curvature is stronger, and less where the curve is smoother.

Also, I noted that the curve does not exactly match the defining points of the polyline. I need to make the discretization in the curve, so I get the coordinates right from the curve itself.

Anyone can help me on this?

Thanks in advance,


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