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> > > >I just thought this was rather interesting. At this year's Workshop on > >Neuromorphic Engineering in Telluride, looks like all of the > >demos/labs are on small robotics. Whatever are those people thinking? > > > >
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> > > I've seen it over the course of a few years. My company did some > robot-building workshops for the kid's camp that runs in the same > place/time as the Neuromorphic conference, and had many of the scientists > come to our side of the building to give talks daily. > > What they've done is collect a very wide-sampling of experts from many > fields of robotics and biology and brought them together for 2? 3? weeks. > They educate each other on their specialities, give papers, and generally > bot-out for about 18 hours a day. Talking to them, it seems that this > period is a great creative outlet as they're not relieved of the > day-to-day administrata required of them back in their own institutes. > They come to Telluride, and get massive amounts of research done with > lots of external input. > > It's cool to see several classrooms get massively re-wired for a 50+ > pc's, multiple Khepera "test tanks" and several audio-sampling styrofoam > heads. > > Regards, > Dave

Ah so, the universities give them funds to go and spend 2 weeks in the mountains, and then all they really do is play ... in the guise of getting massive amounts of research done. What a deal. The only thing better would be to schedule it during ski season, say what. :)

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Heh - I'm sure they'd like that, but I do believe that there's outside funding that makes this happen. The school is a pretty good set up, Telluride's fairly well located between major universities, and they get a killer deal on off-season housing.

Besides, you ever see how active an East/West Coast University academic is when they're jacked up to 9,000 feet? They're not good for much else besides thinking! ;>

Regards, Dave

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