L298N gets very hot

Does anyone one why my L298N would get very hot? Is it a result of
too much voltage or too much current? I have a 12V 200mA transformer
that I use as the power supply for my circuit... is this crazy? I
tried a 9V battery and no current would flow through the circuit, so
what is an ideal power source?
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Julia Goolia
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Your question lacks context.
Is this a commercial product or homemade? Did it work before?
If homemade, What is the circuit? Where did you get it?
More details are required. Lots more.
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Heat production is related to the voltage drop *across* your device [power-in terminal to power-out terminal] times the current flowing through it, V*I measured in watts, so it might be too much of either or both V or I.
- dan michaels
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dan michaels

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