New to robotics. Need dead simple rotary servo and rotary knob remote/radio.

I'm trying to control an adjustment knob in another room. It's not a volume control on a stereo, but the aim is essentially the same as that application that I keep stumbling across on the web. This knob controls air flow on a machine at 24psi from 0 to 10L/min.

The Machine is not at my house so I have yet to determine the torque requirements or degrees of rotation required to span that scale. I realize those two things will determine the type of rotary actuator I select.

Problem is that I've spent five hours on Google, Google Image, Aliexpress, various hobby RC sites, Mouser.. Digikey... et al, etc... and cannot find anything so simple as a plain-jane rotary remote/radio that controls a rotary actuator (must be rf for multi room and multi floor use).

Things like this frustrate me. Seems like such a basic need would be as common as flat head screwdrivers, but I find kits and products that almost fit the bill or, more often, offer many more bells/whistles than my simple need for five times what I'd like to spend... which would be nice around 20 USD for both items. New, used, surplus, take-offs. I don't mind.

So I SIMPLY want to control a rotary dial on a machine from up to 60 ft or so with RF using a remote device that is as close to a one rotary knob (emulating the rotary knob it's commanding across the house) without added features as possible.

So the basics...

Rotary servo motor to control a dial that meters air. Assume for the time being that this know peak to peak is less than 270degrees.

A controller/radio with as close to an ideal one rotary input (no other distracting functions) that commands the remote dial with RF for use between rooms and between floors.

Off-the-shelf interface that requires a minimum of tuning, setup, firmware, etc, in order to use these two together such that the control knob can be indexed against the remote knob and maintain those settings over time. For instance, sitting a few feet away when the machine knob is remotely turned to deliver


Any advice at this point would be HUGELY appreciated.

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svejkovat schrieb:

Get some actuator that allows for a controlled movement or rotation of a given amount, and tie it mechanically (gear, belt...) to the knob.


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Hans-Peter Diettrich

I'm a babe in the woods. If you've apprehended my goal, please suggest part/parts number/s or a site. Thank you for the suggestion.

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It might be the cheapest solution when you look for readymade (remote) temparature control systems/devices (home automation, valve actuator), which replace the knob on an mechanical rotary actuator (prices up from

10?). [Sorry for the poor English keywords, do you have use for more precise German terms?] Then you have at least the essential electrical and mechanical parts, power supply and case. The adaptation to your special application depends on your skills.

Otherwise you can send me a sketch of all mechanical parts, with all relevant specifications. Also specify the exact communication between the user (PC?) and the actuator (WiFi, WLAN, DECT...?). Then I'll try to find suitable parts for you. Please note my wage: 60.- ?/h, with a minimum of 5 hours.

Regards DoDi

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Hans-Peter Diettrich

I realize that this response is a little late and you may have already arrived at a solution to the knob problem.

My first thought upon reading the statement of need is "why turn a knob?" You seem to be fixated on turning an existing knob to control the flow. Could you not replace the knob operated valve with a valve more suited to being controlled? At only 24psi you could even make a valve from PVC plastic. A screw shaft driving a cone into a seat comes to mind. Unless you're dealing with oxygen or some exotic gas in which case special requirements apply.

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