Parallax Propeller Microprocessor

Parallax have recently released a new microprocessor to their range - the 'propeller'. At first I thought it was going to be Stamp 3 but it appears quite a bit more original - and cheap at $25! Apparently it is a true parallel processor - it has 8 cores. It can run at 8Mhz and has 32K RAM / 32K ROM.

It looks real nice and I was wandering if anyone here has had any experience with this chip and if there are any UK distributors about. Also, is this 'Spin' language any good or will I be having to use assembler anyway? The examples on the site seem to look very much like assembly with a slight hint towards C with the functions.

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Thanks, Brendan

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Brendan Gillatt
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As interesting as this product looks, I've seen almost ZERO talk about it here. New products sometimes take a while to gain momentum. YAM (yet another microcontroller) is a tough market segment to crack, even for Parallax.

Parallax has their own forums, and you'll probably find some users who have experience with it. They also have a list of worldwide distributors.

-- Gordon

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Gordon McComb

In general i hate stamps but this actually seems to actually be decent, but for 25 bucks i can buy a lot of processor power, ill have to wait and see

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"Gordon McComb"

They are investing in marketing though. Servo and Nuts and Volts both carry advertisements and/or articles about the propeller.



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