Recharge batteries individually or parallel ?

I have an ER1 robot from
I have 2 additional batteries for it. I plan to hook them all up in parallel
to provide longer lasting power.
1) With regards to recharging them, should I recharge them all hooked
together, or individually ?
2) Assuming they all drain equally, would the recharge time be 3 times that
for one ?
Does it make any difference ?
Thanks !
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If all three batteries are identical you could get away with it. The best way, however, is to charge each one individually and isolate them from each other with diodes. Your charger would need to supply the charging current for all three batteries. If you supply only the original charging current the charge will take longer. ( Three times is approximate) Tom
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Tom Biasi
Lead-acid yes, NiCD probably, LI-ion ABSOLUTELY NOT.
Read this about battery charger design:
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John Nagle
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John Nagle

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