Robotic Market

A new mailing list/discussion group called Robotic Market was created
recently and after a month of "setup", it is finally ready for use. Robotic
Market has only one goal - to help people find what they need to build
robots. It is THE place to BUY, SELL or TRADE all things related to
robotics. It's also a great place to find hot tips and information about a
wide range of manufacturers, vendors, products, groups, and special events
that are of interest to robotic hobbyist.
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To celebrate our "Kick-Off", Robotic Market is holding our first contest, a
"Buyer/Seller" contest from Dec. 1 thru Dec. 15th, which is open to all
members. The contest rules can be found in the site's files section, but in
essence, every time a member posts an item for sale or auction, or purchases
an item that's been offered by another member, they receive one entry in the
contest. Winners will be determined by a random drawing of all eligible
The contest prizes are:
· $50 gift voucher from Parallax
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· $20 gift card from Home Depot
· DVD: Red Planet (2000, a great "robot with an attitude" movie)
· DVD: The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951, one of the
great "classic" robot movies of all)
Stop by the site and join the group. Who knows, you may find someone selling
the perfect part for your next robotic project, or find some one looking to
buy your spare parts. You might even win a great prize as a bonus!
Robotic Market is a free, non-profit group not affiliated with any specific
business or group.
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