Using Infrared Sensors for Angle Error Detection

Hello All,
Hoping someone out there can help me out. I have two infrared sensors
aligned a small distance apart. I want to estimate the angle error of
an infrared source which is in the same plane as the sensors. Anyone
know how to do this.
I'm pretty sure it is a straightforward calculation, but I'm not sure
how the angle roll off and decay with distance will affect matters.
Really appreciate your help.
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I would take the empirical route;
measure for a range of angles between 0 and your max to see what effect rolloff has then make as many more intermediate samples as you think you need before you can comfortably interpolate for your answer (getting distance)
once you're happy with the distances, you're right, it's easy: tan^-1 [(a-b)/c] where a and b are the distances measured by your two sensors after correction and c is the distance btwn the two sensors.
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