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I'm kind of a newbie to this stuff, but this seemed like a great group to post to.

I am trying to develop an infrared tracking system. The stationary system will have three passive infrared sensors which attempt to triangulate the position of some sort of infrared source/beacon.

I will be attempting to track an object which could be anywhere from

20cm to 6m away from the seeker array. The sensors will be spaced equally about a circle of diameter 15cm.

The sensors have the following restrictions: - narrow beam angle - for more precise positioning - spectral sensitivity out of the visible range (or coating/lens) - relatively small profile

I will also need a 'matched' source which the sensors will track.

I have looked into several solutions, but each falls short in some degree:

1) Honeywell - SD5443 - Not good spectrally

2) GP1U26X - Too wide of beam angle.

Anyway, wanted to see what you folks thought in terms of possible sensor/source arrangements. I appreciate all help with this.

Thanks, Matt

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Matt, some people slide a short opaque tube over the IR receiver module to narrow down the beam. Last weekend, I saw Dennis Clark's bot using this approach to accurately zoom in on a chessman-like piece an inch or so in diameter. For your app, it sounds like you might have some trouble detecting and also accurately measuring the azimuth angle to your xmtr source, unless you use narrow beam sensors with panning.

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