What kind of v-belt is this?

I want to buy a sheave for a project I'm working on. I have a AEG motor
from an old washing machine and a v-belt from the same machine.
My question is: What kind of v-belt profile is this? The belt
is about 10mm wide and 6mm tall. I have uploaded 3 pictures of the
sheave on the motor, the belt, and the belt + sheave from the washing
machine. The sheave removed from the machine is unfurtunately of wrong
dimensions and I was also unable to remove it from the axle without
destroying the mounting mechanism.
The pictures are located here:
formatting link

One final question, do you know where to buy sheaves that fits axles in
metric dimensions? (20mm axle).
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Erling Ringen Elvsrud
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This is a belt "10 * 875 DIN 2215". 10(mm) is width, 875(mm) is the (inner) length. The ISO abbrev. would be "Z * 875 ISO 4183" BUT! the length in ISO would be longer, as it is defined in a different way. If my math is right, the ISO length should be 890 or 895mm.
HTH, Nick
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Nick Müller
Thanks for the help so far, but I have another question:
What is the equivalent of the Z profile in profiles using inces to specify the width/height?
For instance McMaster-Carr have available the following profiles that seems to approach the Z profile of my belt:
Profile Width Height ---------------------------- O-Section - 3/8" x 7/32" 3L Section - 3/8" x 7/32" 3V-Section - 3/8" x 21/64" 3VX-Section - 3/8" x 21/64"
Do you think a sheave for one of the profiles above will work properly with my belt?
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Erling Ringen Elvsrud
And the angle? 1 inch = 25.4mm, got a PC? :-)
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Nick Müller

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