Whither "Robot Wars," "BattleBots"

Are either of these still alive? BattleBots had a few good seasons
on Comedy Central, Robot Wars was on PBS then G4. Do they
exist on some obscure channel or, in Robot Wars case, on British tele?
What similar 'bot competitions are around?
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Gary Brown
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Neither of those shows involve robots. Please ask in comp.glorified-rc-cars-with-chainsaws.misc.
Thank you.
Gary Brown wrote:
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Some people still stage their own battles, but on TV these types of shows have pretty much gone the way of the Hula Hoop. TV has a limited attention span, with new shows constantly trying to replace the old ones. They no longer air Gilligan's Island, for example.
-- Gordon
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Gordon McComb
If you feel like visiting atlanta, GA around Labor Day, you could check out robot battles at Dragon*Con:
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You could also try to find a hobby robotics club near where you live. Here in atlanta we have AHRC
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Buddy Smith
--BB and RW died due to a lawsuit that took place during the "network consolidation" wars. Bottom line: when the lawsuit was over there were no networks left that were interested in the events. --Many competitions are still going on, but the prizes are smaller. The Robot Fighting League is an OK place to look for contests. URL:
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