robot wars video?

Other than, are there other places to watch robot wars video?
There used to be a "battlebots" aired on comedy central. I guess they
canceled it because the bots weren't very funny.
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--Actually cancelled on Comedy Central because the teams got together and refused to "play" their game of making fun of us. Also, the longer the show lasted the more T&A crept in and parents of younger contestants protested. Then around the time Battlebots left CC they got sued by that greedy bastard that ran Robot Wars (there's a book about that mess). By the time the suit was settled the network consolidation was complete and there were no more networks that wanted the contest. It folded due to lack of funds: it needed networks competing for rights to televise the events to finance the prize money and the fairly extensive infrastructure. --I still get a creepy feeling when I think of 300 teams of eager hardware hackers given the shaft by one guy's greed and a rabid pack of lawyers and maybe changing their majors to law: yecchhh!
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