question about glues

In low power model rockets anything from white glue, wood glue or CA
seems to work well and my high power buddies like the 1 hour Epoxy...
What is the best glue choice for midpower E-G rockets? Suggestions anyone?
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For my first mid-power rocket I used Pro-Bond polyurethane adhesive, thinking it would be easier to use a one-part glue than a two-part epoxy. I've never looked back. It's my primary adhesive, and I've even taken to using it for fiberglassing fins and body tubes. When I need something to set up fast, or for external work such as fin fillets, I will use a five-minute or 30-minute epoxy. But for everything else I use Pro-Bond, and I've had no trouble with any of the rockets I've built using that glue.
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Rick Dunseith
Different materials require different glues.
Yellow wood glue will not stick to or soak into plastic.
Thousands of past posts have discussed glue. Googling of the newsgroup will provide you with more answers than you can imagine.
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Fred Shecter
This has been hotly debated here in the past. 5 minute epoxy? 30 minute epoxy? 1 hour epoxy? Actually any of them are usually stronger than the objects being bonded.
Many years ago I decided to determine "the speed of balsa". So I built a stock Big Bertha, original paper centering rings and all, with a 29mm motor mount. The huge Big Bertha fins were mounted with nothing more than Elmer's white glue.
This was launched many times on progressively larger and larger motors. Many flights were made on G 40's, G 64's and G 80's.
I did finally find the speed of balsa when I launched the Big Bad Bertha on a Vulcan G 200. You could hear the fins buzzing from the flutter all the way up and they finally all failed. All parts were recovered for analysis and not a single glue joint broke.
So most any glue should be fine. White glue works well for light construction, even on G powered flights. 5 minute epoxy sure does make mounting the fins easier though and is definitely strong enough for any mid power model.
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David Bacque
The same glues apply here as in modroc. If you need epoxy use it but wood glue (yellow) and CA have worked fine for me for years. Epoxy works well too but it's dang heavy.
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Reece Talley
5 minute epoxy is one of the few adhesives I'd say has no place in our hobby. When you really need speed, use CA. If you don't, and are using wood and paper tube, then yellow glue is as good as it gets. Doesn't matter if it's a Mosquito or an L2 rocket; if it's paper, balsa, or ply, use yellow glue.
For phenolic and G10, or a mix of them and wood and paper, a good slow cure epoxy is the way to go.
On my list of wacky things to try is building an AT kit with hot melt glue, and seeing how well / long it will hold up.
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Bob Kaplow
I bet I know why ;)
Should be fun.. now what can I build with Hot glue ??
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Cranny Dane
I bet you do :-)
Take one of your cameras, ...
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Bob Kaplow

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