Rattworks I90 experiences?

Hi there,
I will be getting a Rattworks I90LH "Yardstick" hybrid motor.
Can anyone tell me any real world experiences that they have had?
What do you use as the ignitor grain? Is there any particular variation with
different propellant types as the starter grain? Has anyone tried a different
method of lighting them? Yes, I know that it is only a TRA approved motor with
the manufacturer's reccomended ignition methods.
Len Bryan
CAR S620 L3
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Len Bryan
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You can use AT 18mm RMS or 24mm RMS grain piece,
We (USR) have classified hybrid grains for that system but they are only available in non-USA.
Being in Canada you ought to be able to get then in a month or less.
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Jerry Irvine
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