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I spoke with Anthony at length about the problem. (Fun guy to talk to about
the defense business) It appears that there was a small batch made during
the transition from the old grain size to the new grain size. I had some of
the few transitional motors. Anthony sent me some replacements.
I was not looking for anything from him. I had it chalked up to "stuff
happens". Anthony went out of his way to "seek out" problems his customers
have and remedy the situation. I've never been more impressed with a
company. Ever.
For me, customer service is more important than price. I spend millions of
dollars at work and when I do, I look for the "best value", not the
cheapest. The total package of service and quality can be more important
than saving a few bucks.
CTI is the best value in HPR.
Thanks Anthony,
Drake "Doc" Damerau
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NEPRA President
NAR Section 614
NAR 79986 L3
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Hi Doc,
> Something is very askew here. We have repeatedly tested fuse heads set back
> as much as three inches down the port from the receiver/booster pellet on
> the 6 grain and the motors lit. The receiver/booster is very sensitive with
> that match and if the pellet goes, the motor goes. Did the pellets go on the
> un-fired motors? Having three motors, have three igniters go and not light,
> is way off any statistical data on that system. I know of clusters of 8 and
> 10 Pro J motors that have been run 100% with the supplied system. >
> I know you indicated that the igniters went off, but is there any
> possibility that the leads got tugged or displaced at launch (the sequence
> is not clear to me in your post) and the heads were more than 3 inches away
> from the pellet at the time they ignited?
> Can you please provide me (off line) with a telephone number and a
> convenient time to to call you? I would like to discuss this with you. >
> Regards,
> Anthony J. Cesaroni
> President/CEO
> Cesaroni Technology/Cesaroni Aerospace
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(905) 887-2370 x222 Toronto
> (410) 571-8292 Annapolis
> --
> > > Please tell me more. You had 4 motors installed and only one lit? Did > the
> > > fuse heads on the three that didn't fire go off?
> >
> > I had 5 motors installed; for Pro 38 6G and one Pro54 5G motor. (I was
> > mistaken on the original post.) I was going to light the Pro54 and two of
> > the Pro38's off the pad, then air start the other two Pro38's. Answering
> > Ray's question in the next post: the igniter wires were striped and > twisted
> > for about an inch. The connections were arranged such that the rocket > could
> > lift off the pad for almost a foot, before the connections would be broke.
> > The power source was a 700 CCA car battery. All igniters went off. > >
> > Of the three motors, only one Pro38 lit. It lifted it about 300 feet of > the
> > ground and came down on it tail at a steep angle. It was then (of course)
> > that the air start board lit another of the pro 38's. (not a pretty > scene.)
> >
> > One thing I did notice was that these particular Pro38's appeared hotter
> > than usual. Two (or 3) of then just about burned through the side of their
> > cases.
> >
> > Here is a picture of the flight.
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> this photo clearly shows only one of the motors lighting.
> > Here is a page on the build.
> >
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> > Here's the irony of the whole thing... The reason I put ALL CTI motors in
> > this particular flight was to snap a photo for the CTI photo contest! :-(
> >
> > --
> > Drake "Doc" Damerau
> >
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> > NEPRA President
> > NAR Section 614
> > NAR 79986 L3
> >
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I warned you!
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Fly with CTI!
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Jerry Irvine
I agree, CTI's customer service is top-notch.
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