DRO- Another Follow-Up

In my previous thread on this subject I mentioned I had chosen the wrong
scale for the Z-axis of my FB-2 mill. I contacted Alan Ward at
Machine-DRO, and he was fantastically helpful; I can strongly recommend
their service.
I also mentioned to Alan that I was uncertain about fitting DRO to my
Super 7 because of the difficulty of finding a location for the
cross-slide scale. Alan was kind enough to send me a copy of the text of
an article they have written on fitting DRO to the Myford 7-series
lathes, which was very useful, though it will probably be even more
clear when I see the photos on publication. Incidentally, Alan told me
the article is to be published in MEW issue 126; those interested may
want to keep an eye open for it, or even buy a copy if they are not
subscribers (hard though that is to imagine).
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David Littlewood
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There is room on the smallest lathe:
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Nick Mueller
In article , Nick Mueller writes
Of course, if you have plenty of room at the back. Unfortunately, I don't. Nor am I prepared to have anything sticking out at the front.
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David Littlewood
Unless you have taper turning fitted.
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John Stevenson Nottingham, England.
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