Jenix replacement scale for Anilam MiniWizard DRO?

I'm looking for the best economic bang for the buck and I have little
or no experience with DROs. My Bridgeport mill came with an old
Anilam MiniWizard with the red lighted digits and raised push buttons.
The mill only had the Y axis scale. I'd like to get an X axis scale
for my 42" table. I think the DRO works since the digits change when
the table moves, but I have no idea how to use the keypad other than
setting zero via the reset button, so I can't tell if other functions
The guy on eBay who sells Jenix replacements says it needs a 36" scale
which gives 30" of travel. I measured my table travel and it's 37.5",
so that part sounds ok.
The price for a new Jenix scale is $272 with free shipping from CA.
That seems to beat the Anilam - Accurite new prices, BUT are there
used Anilam scales out there at a more reasonable price? Is there
another alternative that might be a better way to go?
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GeoLane at PTD dot NET
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Huh? If you need 37.5" of travel, and the "36 inch" unit provides only 30" of travel, things will not go well at the ends of the travel range. You have alomst 8" of too much travel. A B-port is quite capable of breaking a Jenix scale.
Joe Gwinn
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Joseph Gwinn
You said that you have a BP mill with a 42" table. If that is correct than you should have 30" of travel. If you have a 48" table then you have 36" of travel. To get 37.5" of travel in a 48" table you must be moving the table far inside the saddle with the handle removed maybe which is not a good idea. These travels were set by BP and not me. There are scales on Ebay that you can buy that are cheaper than what I sell. I promise they are very used and will not come with a 5 year warranty that I offer on my new scales. Regards, Tim Barnard 877-376-4373
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Linear Measuring Systems
I bought a "Uniq" mill DRO from you (I hope that my memory does not fault me). The DRO seems to work fine.
formatting link
I tried to take pictures that would explain how to install it on a Bridgeport.
Feel free to use my pictures, but refer to my webpage.
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Whoops. Meandering fingers. That should have been 27.5" of travel from my 42" table.
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GeoLane at PTD dot NET
Ah. That's better. Center it well, and you're golden.
Joe Gwinn
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Joseph Gwinn

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