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Interested in hearing about Model Rocketry and High Performance
Rocketry in the news? I've developed a way to aggregate news items
from Google News, as well as several RSS news feeds into one place.
Check out
formatting link

The Google News searches are a semi-manual process that involves an
automated search on various terms, followed by a manual filtering that
should result in a fairly pertinent news feed.
There is also a news feed for the topic "Space".
While your there, click on some of the Google Ads listed. Proceeds
from clicking on these ads go to the NAR/Tripoli legal defense fund.
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Wayne Johnson
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Before I get roasted alive for my suggestion that people click on the google ads, let me re-phrase it to what I was truly trying to say:
Please check out the companies listed in the Google Ads. Besides their being great companies, doing so will help support the NAR/Tripoli Legal Defense fund.
That better?
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Wayne Johnson

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