Tireflys--Anybody ever used these?

Found these at WalMart today. They are motion-activated lights that can
screw into tire stems. But who'd want to do that?
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They look about the right size to fit into BT-5 tubing for night launch nose
cones. I'm pretty sure the launch would set them off and between ejection
and swinging under shoot, it shoot keep it going. Problem might be if it
turned off after landing before you recovered. Anyway, lots of
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Louis Schroeder
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Their other product called "microflys" stay on and aren't motion activated (so says they're web site). In anondized aluminum cases.
Note that these are simply a blinking LED, battery, and molded case that screws on to a valve stem. Easy enough to make yourself. Amazing what some people will get patents on. ;)
-John DeMar
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John DeMar
Ya know, for all the things I look at and see 'rocket part', that didn't occur to me. Interesting thought!
Joel. phx
Then there was the ADOT yard I could see from the overpass. What scale S-V could I build from a 12' diameter steel drain pipe?
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Joel Corwith
I just picked up 124 similar units. I'm testing one right now that has been flashing red and blue since yesterday. They're
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Mark Simpson
You can get similar lights that don't require motion activation. They are sold as novelty party earrings, clips, etc.
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I've got a few of these around...they are too small to fit inside a bt-5, but will fit a bt-20 or bigger.
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"Magnetic body lights" are cheaper.
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(shucks, even at random retail, they're cheaper.)
With minor modifications, they clip onto bare li-ion cells:
(bare Li-ion cells are somewhat dangerous, and using them as shown in these photos will happily discharge one to the point where it will never charge again. That's fine with me, as I risk the burns/etc to remove them from 'dead' laptop packs. It wouldn't be so fine if you paid typical list price for new Li-Ion cells.)
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Bill Westfield

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