Any Good White Metal Fantasy Figure Sites?

Just got the 1/72 Zvezda Ancient Stone Fortress and thought it would make a fun set up of having a dragon attacking the fortress and use various 1/72 wargaming figures attacking it with bows, crossbows, etc....

Any D&D type folks out there who know of a good online place to go to?

thx - Craig

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Check out any gaming store. I've used 25mm gaming figures with Exin Castillos ( a Spanish LEGO-clone that is desiged for building castles) and they looked pretty good. However, most of the figures on the market are 25mm (closer to 1/48th) figures, which usually scale out MUCH bigger than 1/72. With a dragon,it isn't a big deal, but human figures will be a problem. Look for 20mm figures, or pick and choose very carefully. Look for fantasy figures from Atlantc (long OOP) or Airfix HO/00.

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James D. Young II

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