ARM: 1/35 Scale Upgrade Kit - Marder II

Kit Review: (Dragon Models Limited) 1/35 Scale Upgrade and Conversion Kit No. 3829 for Sd.Kfz. 131 Panzerjaeger II fuer Pak

40/2 Marder II; 53 parts (45 etched brass, 4 copper springs, 2 steel springs, 2 preformed etched brass) plus decals; price estimated at US $16.95 separately, $10.95 with base kit purchase

Advantages: provides metal replacement parts for base kit, provides "Premium Edition" upgrade parts

Disadvantages: did not come with base kit

Rating: Highly Recommended

Recommendation: for Marder "owners"

This is the third in a new series of factory-designed "upgrade and conversion kits" offered by DML via their boutique nameplate.

This time, the modeler gets two frets of etched brass, two short and two long tightly coiled copper springs, two large sections of steel springs, and two preformed side armor plates for the casemate plus a new set of decals for three different variants.

As before, the directions (such as they are) assume you have the original kit and understand when and where to install these parts. Other than the two side plates, most of the new parts are interior details: shell storage rim catch plates, new racks for the radio sets, and springs to represent flexible hoses or cable runs inside the driver's compartment and fighting compartment. The other fret is for detailing the side armor plates. Happily, as there is very little "footprint" on the side plates, they have the internal "baffle" plates to mount to for added strength.

Again, while the kit comes with a nice set of Cartograf decals, there is no information provided on the three new finishing options. This is a shame, as one has white stars with it and I have no clue if that is a tactical marking or a captured one by Allied forces.

Overall, these are nice kits and do let the modeler have the option of going "whole hog" or simply enjoying the very nice Marder II kit in its lesser - but still excellent -state.

Thanks to Freddie Leung for the review sample.

Cookie Sewell

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