ARM: Review - 1/35 scale Marder III Upgrade Set

Kit Review: (Dragon Models Limited) 1/35 scale upgrade
and conversion set No. 3837 for Sd.Kfz. Panzerjaeger 38 fuer 7.5 cm
PaK 40/3 Marder III Ausf. H; 120 parts12 (116 etched brass, 2 in grey
styrene, 2 preformed brass); estimated retail price US $16.98
Advantages: adds the extra etched brass parts some modelers prefer on
"Smart Kits"
Disadvantages: does not come with brass fenders
Rating: Recommended
Recommendation: for "fine tuning" the new DML Marder III Ausf. H kit.
As noted before, some modelers are not happy with the nice new series
of DML "Smart Kits" that are designed to be easier to assemble and use
fewer parts and less etched brass to achieve an acceptable level of
detail. As such, DML's affiliate proceeds to turn out
the boutique "upgrade" kits for them.
This one provides some parts which those modelers will be pleased
with, beginning with etched brass and pre-formed casemate sides with
all of the bolt head detail and reinforcing strips etched in place.
Also provided are etched rivet strips fo the hull, "spoon" tabs for
removing the long 7.5 cm rounds from their racks, and a number of
other replacement parts for the kit.
Oddly enough, the one thing discussed on the internet did NOT come
with this kit, namely etched brass fenders. A rather odd supplementary
instruction set indicates that a angle setting gauge is provided for
what it points to as etched brass fenders MA1 and MA2, but in this kit
those parts are the casemate sides. No gauge is included that I could
The directions - such as they are - for these kits have been poor
from the beginning, and this set really borders on the unusable. The
figure for the call-outs on the brass fret is so small I had to use a
10x jeweler's loupe on it to read them, and then it is still very
difficult. DML needs to get the attention of the
people and provide decent directions with these kits or they are
nearly useless to modelers not intimately familiar with the actual
A nice bright set of Cartograf decals comes with the kit, providing
for three more tri-color camouflaged vehicles, but again there is no
indication as to who they belong to or where they were serving.
Overall this set is somewhat odd as other than the tiny etched brass
bits and the pre-formed sides it seems to serve very little purpose.
Thanks to Freddie Leung for the review sample.
Cookie Sewell
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