ARM: Reveiw - DML 1/35 Scale 1st FJ Division Holland 1940

Kit Review: Dragon Models Limited 1/35 Scale '39-'45 Series Kit No.
6276; 1st Fallschirmjaeger Division Holland 1940 - Gen 2; 336 parts
(314 in grey styrene, 22 etched brass); price US $10.95
Advantages: "Gen 2" figures the best value for the money going; lots
of options and spares
Disadvantages: Very tiny parts may cause some complaints
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for all German WWII fans
While the Soviets can probably claim the right of being the first
nation to create airborne forces in the modern sense of the term, the
Germans were the first to make use of them in 1940 when they attacked
the Low Countries in May 1940. While the most storied exploits are
those of the glider troops that took the Belgian forts, others were
dropped into Holland to secure vital objectives and bridges and prevent
the Dutch from blowing them up until the advancing ground forces could
secure them.
This new kit from DML presents four figures from the 1st FJ Division
that represent the paratroopers who jumped into Holland. As is now
becoming the case with the superdetailed "Gen 2" figures, the modeler
gets two new sprues of dedicated kit parts, three common German figure
sprues (with a Gx marking) and three common German weapons sprues (with
a Wx marking) plus a small fret of etched brass uniform furniture.
As is becoming standard, each figure consists of a basic form of 13
parts - torso halves, collar, arms, hands, legs, boots and front and
rear head sections - plus two to four sections of coat tails and
headgear. All of the rest of the parts provide for "kit" such as
ammo pouches, clips, bread bags, gas mask carriers, canteens,
entrenching tools, pistols, grenades, bayonets, and mess kits.
All four figures are action poses, wearing the field grey jump smock
and cut-down helmet used by Fallschirmjaegers. Each figure is suggested
with a different weapon: P 08 Luger, MG34, Kar 98 and MP38, and two of
the four have grenades.
The weapons sprues provide two Kar 98 rifles with open or closed bolts
and six clips each, another Kar 98, MP38, MP40 and (for this kit
unneeded) MP44, and an MG34 with ammo drums, cans, and accessories.
Also included with this set are two hardside paradrop containers with
wheels, which can be displayed either open or closed at the discretion
of the builder.
The etched brass, as with all DML products, are optional, and styrene
parts are provided for those who do not wish to use them.
A decal sheet provides helmet flashes and the warning bands for the
paradrop containers.
Overall this is another great set from DML and one many figure fans
should enjoy.
Thanks to Freddie Leung for the review sample.
Cookie Sewell
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