ARM: Review - AFV Club "Big Foot" Track for M2A2/M3A3/AAV7A1

Kit Review: AFV Club 1/35 Scale Kit No. AF35133; BIG FOOT Track for
M2A2, M3A3, AAV7A1, MLRS Late, CV90 (Workable); 360 parts (180 in
black styrene, 180 in brown styrene); price about $15-18
Advantages: nice set permits fixing errors in kits or upgrading other
kits with very well done set of single link tracks; "snap-together"
feature a good idea
Disadvantages: assembly and clean-up of track pads will be tedious
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for all modern US fans building late-production US
armored vehicles or upgrades from current combat
Everybody looks for a "niche" that they can claim as their own, and
AFV Club has tried harder than most to provide very well engineered
working single link track sets to compliment their very well
engineered kits. This set is no different, and permits the modeler to
either upgrade kits like the Tamiya OIF M2A2 or AAV7A1 UGS kits, DML's
MLRS, or to fix errors in kits like Academy's OIF M2A2 which came with
the older model tracks.
The tracks are simple - they consist of a black styrene track pad and
a brown plastic track link; while there are no marks on the black
parts, the injection pin marks on the latter are wisely limited to the
place where the pad attaches to the link, so cleanup is an absolute
minimum. The brown links are made from a slightly flexible plastic,
and can be assembled by simply flexing the track link and engaging its
pins on either side of a second link. The directions have you assemble
the pads to the links first, but actually I think snapping the track
links together first and then adding the pads will work better (the
pads are not part of the attachment means for this type of track.)
This will permit the modeler to assemble (and even paint) the links
first, and paint the pads separately as well, and then assemble them
Overall this is another nice set from AFV Club, and while they
require some forethought and patience the results are usually superior
to most other options.
Cookie Sewell
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Thanks for the update. Terry Ashley's review on PMMS cited a problem mating these new tracks with the existing drive sprockets (he reported that the new track also requires a new sprocket). Have you tried these on any of the existing kits? Gerald Owens
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Gerald Owens
No, I hadn't, but then again I haven't found too many sets of after- market tracks that are a drop fit on the kits they are recommended to compliment. Needing a new (or more likely modified) sprocket goes with the territory for most kits.
Some of the better ones are either specifically designed to fit kit X (surprisingly, most AFV Club sets fit...AFV Club kits!) or ones like the RHPS ones for M3/M4 medium tanks.
Good point, as I usually don't think about that as I usually have to modify the sprockets to fit the tracks anyway.
Cookie Sewell
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