ARM: Review - Alliance Modelworks 1/35 scale M2/M3 Halftrack Upgrade Set

Kit Review: Alliance Modelworks 1/35 scale Set No. LW35030; 1:35 Detail Set=
- M2, M3 Series Half Tracks; 406 parts (364 etched brass, 42 resin); retai=
l price US$40.00 (available from Alliance Modelworks, 1001 Hunter Lane, Lak=
e Saint Louis, MO 63367 or via
formatting link
Advantages: offers the modeler a choice between empty and full stowage for =
an M2/M3 series halftrack vehicle; wide number of options
Disadvantages: very tiny bolt heads may be hard to manipulate
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for any US halftrack vehicle
Since DML came out with its excellent line of US M2 and M3 based halftrack=
vehicles, modelers have been trying all sorts of ways to doll them up. Thi=
s new kit from Alliance Modelworks provides an interesting set of options: =
either loading them up with stowage custom designed to fit on the vehicle o=
r to replace it with the basic rack or stowage items that go on the vehicle=
The etched parts come on four frets, and one is specifically designed to u=
pgrade the M2 or M3 cab area with non-skid plating over all floor surfaces =
and the running boards. It also provides for replacing the bumper and winch=
mounts with etched brass parts. New brass mounts for all kit machine guns =
are provided (both .30 and .50 calibers) as well as brass and resin ammo ca=
ns, plus either brass or resin ammo belts.=20
The kit includes a fret of fasteners as well - tie-down loops, bolt heads =
and snaps.=20
Lastly it provides a roll of barbed wire which is etched on a single fret =
as a single part. The modeler must remove it and coil it on his own, but th=
e hard work has been done for you.=20
Each fret is protected on both sides by plastic, and the C fret with the f=
asteners is =93clear etched=94 with no connecting links to the sides of the=
All resin parts are neatly cast in tan resin and have mostly minimal clean=
up and pour blocks to separate, other than the one-piece rear stowage bin o=
ption (usually seen on either modified or M16 MGMC halftracks). But that pa=
rt is cast perfectly flat and smooth so it is just a matter of sawing off t=
he bottom of the casting.=20
All of the resin parts come wrapped in foam padding to ensure against brea=
While no finishing instructions are included the kit does provide a decal =
sheet of waterslide decals for the ammunition boxes and for the dashboard, =
with the proper silver speedometer dial included.=20
Overall this is a nice set and while appearing expensive actually does pro=
vide sufficient bits to have one vehicle loaded down and one empty, so it c=
overs two bases at once.=20
Cookie Sewell=20
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