ARM: Review - DML Tiger I Initial Production 3-in-1 (new)

Kit Review: Dragon Models Limited 1/35 Scale =9139-=9145 Series Kit No.
6600; Pz.Kpfw. VI Ausf. E. Sd.Kfz. 181 Tiger I Initial Production
s.Pz.Abt 502 Leningrad Region 1942/43 - 3-in-1 - Smart Kit; 532 parts
(410 in grey styrene, 85 etched brass, 18 =93Magic Link=94 track links, 12
clear styrene, 3 DS Plastic track runs, 2 pre-bent wire, 1length
twisted steel wire, 1 coil spring); estimated price between $51-$60
Advantages: a more detailed version of an earlier kit; DS plastic
tracks will make assembly much faster
Disadvantages: redo of a previous kit adds confusion to a crowded
suite of kits
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommended: for Tiger fans
Okay, let me get this straight. Since 2005 either DML or its cyber- boutique affiliate have released the following kits of the
German Tiger I tank:
6252 Sd.Kfz. 181 Tiger I Initial Production (2005)
6253 Sd.Kfz. 181 Tiger I Late Production (2005)
6286 - Tiger I Initial Production DAK (2005)
6350 - Tiger I =93Michael Wittmann=94 (2006)
6335 - Gruppe Fehrman Tiger I (2007)
6269 Sd.Kfz. 181 Tiger I (Early Production) (2008)
6383 Tiger I Late Production with Zimmerit - Dragon Zimmerit (2008)
6406 Tiger I Late Production 3-in-1 (2008)
6610 - =93Wittmann=92s Last Tiger=94 Normandy 1944 - Dragon
Zimmerit (2009)
6600 Pzkw. VI Ausf. E Tiger I Initial Production - s.Pz.Abt. 502 - 3-
in-1 Smart Kit (2010)
Since this one basically redoes Kit No. 6252 from 2005, and while it
does have some nice touches, I plead ignorance to why on Earth DML
would release a tenth kit of the Tiger I. Yes, I am well aware of the
fact the Tiger I is =93iconic=94 and has a great fan base, but for the
life of me I cannot see what makes a vast difference between this kit
and 6252 other than some different detail parts and decals. (I can see
they have added a number of =93fiddly bits=94 which have either been
changed over five years or discovered to match the specific prototypes
cited here but as I do not have the original kit from 2005 any more
you have me at a loss as to what all of them would be).
Given that, DML has produced a =933-in-1" kit of an early production
Tiger I with a choice of either the twin =93ear=94 turret bins or a jury-
rigged Pzkw. III bustle bin, different exhaust shroud options, a cover
for the bow machine gun, and most interesting of all THREE DS Plastic
track runs. These provide for either the original =93handed=94 tracks or
the later version running two left-hand track runs (right side
reversed). The kit also provides an optional position snorkel (which I
seem to recall from 6252). Specific instructions are given within the
directions for each one of the three possible Tiger I tanks presented
in the kit, and unique details for each one (including a horseshoe
welded to the front of one tank) are included.
The original kit (6252) stated it will could also produce three
different models: Tank 100 from s.Pz.Abt. 502 with twin lateral turret
bins, Tank 121 with a Pzkw. III style bustle bin, or a straight early
Tiger I in grey with the snorkel erected. It provided for three
different style fenders in etched brass (and one in styrene) as well
as three different mantelets (one with and two without the rain guard
over the gunner=92s binocular sight apertures). Other parts with options
included metal or plastic smoke grenade launchers, metal or plastic
tow shackles (two styles in white metal with aluminum pins are
provided), and two muzzle brakes and three different barrel options.
This kit does away with most of that, but permits making either Tank
100, Tank 123 with the Pzkw. III bin, or Tank =933" in winter camouflage
of white over grey. But most of the options are now gone or only
styrene parts are provided.
Alas, not all good ideas are carried forward, for it still retains
the silly feature of a recoiling spring-loaded gun barrel like AFV
Club used to provide with its kits. But it also retains the breech
assembly, two basic seats, and no other turret interior detail.
The hull comes with some interior elements, but not a complete
interior. It includes the torsion bar assemblies, bow gun assembly,
hatch details, and radiator bays and trunking at the rear of the hull.
The rear engine deck grilles (parsts P11/12 and P16/17) from the
original kit are retained and have the curved louvers found on the
original, and based on the use of the snorkel may be shown open or
The hull top comes with a set of tools that have etched brass
clasps included, as well as a jig for bending the clasps to shape
prior to installation.
The turret from the original has been replaced by that from the
Porsche Tiger P and while it retains some bits now consists of left
and right halves. The commander=92s cupola can be built up from
component parts or a one-piece unit, complete with view slits, is also
included. The snorkel comes in one piece but all of the special
covers and blanking plates are also provided to set it up correctly by
the manual. Casting numbers are included on one sprue for the
A small Cartograf decal sheet provides the markings for the
previously mentioned options, and a color painting chart is provide =96
no explanation why since the tanks are white and dark grey!
Technical assistance was provided by David Byrden, Dan Graves, Tom
Cockle and Gary Edmundson.
Overall, while this is a lovely kit and very nicely done, after ten
releases of Tigers with the major variants thoroughly covered one
could hope for something new =96 while I would prefer a new line of T-26
light tanks even a =93Neubaufahrzeuge=94 would be appreciated.
Thanks to Freddie Leung for the review sample.
Cookie Sewell
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set of tools that have etched brass
Well, I haven't seen the original release in may moons, so I would assume that Dragon have issued a "new" Tiger kit so they'll have a reasonably early variant available in their current product line. Personally, I would much rather have seen the 6350 "Otto Carius" kit reissued in a new guise, since it could be built to represent a tank from over a dozen different outfits, not one of just nine tanks issued to one battalion in 1942. Gerald Owens
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Gerald Owens

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