ARM: Review - Miniart 1/35 scale Red Army Drivers

Kit Review: Miniart 1/35 scale Kit No. 35144; Red Army Drivers; 46 parts in grey styrene; retail price US$17.95
Advantages: single figures cover all times of the year for late war Soviet
Disadvantages: not suitable for use all together
Rating: Highly Rated
Recommendation: for all Soviet softskin, tracked tractors and wheeled armor ed vehicles
    There are now a good number of WWII Soviet kits out in 1/35 scale covering most of their standard and Lend-Lease trucks as well as tracked artillery prime movers and also light armored cars like the heavy BA-3/6/10 and light BA-64 types. Miniart, always good with suitable figures, now offers a set of five drivers in different poses and three different types of uniforms.
    Each one comes in six basic parts (head, torso, arms and legs) with add-on s for their specific uniform and duties.
    Figure A is a soldier in greatcoat and "ushanka" fur cap pouring water int o a radiator. He is wearing boots and no gloves and comes with a pail.
    Figure B is a driver in the quilted jacket, also with the fur cap, and sta nding in the open door or driver's side of a vehicle. He is wearing shoes a nd puttees.
    Figure C is a soldier using an air pump with summer uniform with boots and "pilotka" side cap. He comes with a tire pump.
    Figure D is a driver getting ready to hand crank his charge and is also in the summer uniform with "pilotka" and boots. He comes with a suitable cran k.
    Figure E is a soldier wiping off something (apparently on the engine) of h is charge and comes with sleeves rolled up. He is also in the summer unifor m with "pilotka" and boots.
    All are very neatly molded and of good quality. Faces are nicely done and separate headgear make painting a bit easier. The greatcoat figure comes wi th a four part skirt to the coat that goes over his legs.
    Overall, anyone who likes the use of a single figure to set off a model wi ll enjoy this kit and the options it provides for adding just the "right" o ne to the model.
Cookie Sewell
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