ARM: Review - SDV 1/87 scale (HO scale) BMP-T "Ramka" (Terminator)

Kit Review: SDV Model 1/87 Scale Kit No. 87 127; BMPT ?Ramka? Tank Esco
rt Vehicle; 60 parts (56 in green styrene, 4 etched brass); price varies fr
om US$17.50-26.00
Advantages: first kit of this vehicle in styrene in any scale; options perm
it some modifications as needed; model has separate drive wheels
Disadvantages: molds are rough
Rating: Recommended
Recommendation: for all fans of the T-72/T-90 series vehicles
As is my wont I was at the Great Scale Train Show in Timonium (Maryland) t
oday and found my old friends who market the SDV kits in the US under the A
rsenal-M brand name.
SDV is a Czech company who, like many smaller Eastern European companies,
has a marketing arrangement in the West with other companies such as Modell
bau Tom of Germany, who appears to offer some of their other kits in the We
st. (Their Tatra 813 and 815 series trucks are probably the best known.) Th
is kit was directly imported from what I understand, as it is not marketed
by Modellbau Tom nor carried in the US by Walthers.
This kit uses the molds and what applicable parts it can from their T-72 a
nd T-90 kits, but now adds a complete new upper end, side skirts/reactive a
rmor arrays, and even etched brass ?reshetka? armor at the rear of the
hull and behind the turret.
The turret consists of two base parts with the elevated mounts for the twi
n 30mm cannon and missile launchers as well as 12 smoke grenade launchers a
nd separate sight heads. The four ?Ataka? missiles are nicely done.
The auxiliary turrets (each mounts a 30mm AG-17 grenade launcher) are not
bad but modelers may want to add a better rendition of the stubby grenade l
auncher barrels.
Assembly follows the time-honored methods used by ROCO in the 1950s and ca
lls for attaching the track runs to the lower hull and then adding the uppe
r hull. The outside road wheels attach to the inner ones but you may wish t
o trim off the pins and used punched .030" styrene disks to get a better fi
t. Also the teeth will need to be cut and sanded off the drivers to get the
m to fit properly inside the track runs.
The rest of the assembly is pretty straightforward but parts are tiny so c
are must be taken.
No markings came with the model, but as so far only Kazakhstan has purchas
ed the BMPT vehicle and theirs showed no markings at last sighting this is
not a big deal!
Overall this is a nice change of pace and one wargamers are sure to enjoy
as well as modern armor modelers.
Cookie Sewell
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