ARM: Review - SDV 1/87 TOS-1 Buratino

Kit Review: SDV Model 1/87 scale Kit No. 87 084; TOS-1 Buratino; 49
parts in green styrene; price CZ Kr 290 (approximately US$14.40)
(Note: this kit is also marketed by Arsenal M in Euros with their own
unique kit numbers, but is more expensive)
Advantages: first model of this vehicle in plastic in this scale
Disadvantages: model of one of the early 30-round versions (TOS-1A has
only 24)
Rating: Recommended
Recommendation: for all small-scale or HO Russian armor fans
The Soviet War in Afghanistan was something of a watershed for Soviet
arms manufacturers, as one of the new weapons they developed for that
war which proved successful beyond their wildest dreams was the
thermobaric warhead. Used on rocket-propelled grenades like the RPO-A
=93Shmel=94 and the S-8 and S-24 rockets, this weapon was very nasty
inside closed spaces such as buildings or caves.
Thermobarics work by retarding an explosion with a metallizer such as
aluminum and adding oxidizers to create complete combustion. Damage
comes as the burning explosive cloud expands and fills up a set volume
of space, and once done =96 as it also consumes all oxygen in the area
when it burns =96 it creates a vacuum which can cause even more horrific
damage when it sucks in all around it.
The TOS-1, or =93Buratino=94 (Pinocchio), earned its nickname in that
each of its 220mm rocket projectiles has a stand-off probe on the nose
to detonate it where its explosive fill can expand to an optimum
degree. The first prototypes carried 30 of these rockets in an 8-8-8-6
configuration, but after testing a 24-round (three rows of eight) was
adopted for production models as the TOS-1M. They also switched
chassis from either a straight T-72 or T-80 chassis to the =93common=94
artillery chassis of a T-72 hull and engine-transmission with T-80
running gear.
SDV continues to produce really interesting and useful modern Russian
or Soviet weapons and vehicles, and this one fits the bill. Based on
one of the early models, it is a nice depiction of a T-72 chassis with
the 30-round launch pod. The hull is nicely done and as with past SDV
efforts comes with separate outer wheels (idler, road wheels, driver)
on each side. Oddly enough the directions show the model with skirts
(which is correct) but none are provided in the kit. At least they are
very easy in this scale to make from 0.010" sheet styrene.
The turret rotates and the pack may be elevated or depressed, and it
also comes with the travel covers for the ends of the pack. Note that
each of the rockets has a hole molded in the warhead where the probes
go, so a 1-2mm probe of fine wire or stretched sprue should be added
to show the probe.
In general the hull is nicely done, with separate entrenching blade
and braces as well as a separate engine deck; the rear air exhaust
vents are a bit undersized and the fording covers are in place, but
the rest looks very good indeed.
Overall this is a nicely done model and a sure conversation
Models can be ordered direct from SDV at their e-store:
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The Czech Koruna currently converts to US dollars at a rate of Kr 20.2
=3D US $1.
Cookie Sewell
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