ARM: Review - ToksoModel 1/72 scale SCUD B and Launcher

Kit Review: Toksomodel 1/72 scale Kit No. 1401; Soviet Tactical Missile SCU
D-B and Launcher; 158 parts (157 in olive drab styrene, 1 acetate window sh
eet); retail price US$35-40
Advantages: first styrene kit of this system in this scale; low parts count
makes for a simple build
Disadvantages: masters copied using the DML SCUD B launcher as a pattern
Rating: Recommended
Recommendation: for small scale Soviet and missile fans
For many years in the 1960s and early 1970s small scale armor - usually ei
ther 1/87 or 1/76 - dominated armor modeling circles. But in 1968 Tamiya be
gan making relatively accurate kits in 1/35 scale, joined soon afterward by
Nichimo and Italeri, and the change to large scale modeling was on.
In the early 1970s Hasegawa started a line of 1/72 scale kits and was soon
followed by ESCI, but the former were somewhat odd and the latter basicall
y pantographed versions of existing Tamiya or Italeri kits. For about 15 ye
ars there was pretty much a lull, but in the mid 1990s many companies began
to relook the scale and come back into it.
Since 2000 there has been a virtual explosion, much of it fueled by Revell
Germany, Trumpeter, DML, and a host of new companies from eastern Europe.
Many of these new generation kits are very impressive and some are superior
to their larger 1/35 scale brethren.
Tokso is a new company from China and this is their first kit, followed by
a series of 1/72 artillery pieces such as the M114 155mm and the sFH 18 15
cm howitzers. With the recent release of a new SCUD B kit from Trumpeter,
this kit attracted my attention at the AMPS 2015 show and I picked one up o
ut of curiosity.
I am not sure who actually owns this company (most of the mainland compan
ies are under one or two umbrella organizations like the Wasan Plastic Comp
any) but the moldings are crisp and petite. Slide molding was used to make
the erection piston assembly but that is about the limit of involved moldin
g. Many pieces did show a number of ejection pin marks on their faces which
is disappointing.
But the kit is basically a pantograph of the DML SCUD B missile and launch
er from the early 1990s and as such carries over some of the now known shor
tcomings of that kit. (Another kit is supposed to be coming from Model Coll
ect, which is a very good company and should be a complete new mold kit.)

The carry-over shortcomings appear as follows. The basics are still there
to make a good model but it will take work and after market additions (gene
rally new wheels/tires and etched metal) to bring the kit up to speed.
What you get in the box is the 9P117M1 version of the launcher, which did
away with the self-loading features (big boxes and hydraulic arms on the si
des of the elevation cradle) and made some minor changes to the central mod
ule of the vehicle (one porthole per side).
The kit provides separate doors for the cabs and the central module, but d
etail is sparse by today's standards (at the time DML made their kit only l
ong-range shots of open doors were seen so nobody had a close-up view of th
e inside). The cabs were painted a seafoam green inside whereas the process
ing cabins in the central module were an orangish color. (We now know all s
ystems are color coded - e.g. electric, fuel, water, air pressure and hydra
ulic lines are all painted different colors).
The model is assembled by modules - chassis with wheels, cabs/engine hood,
service module, central module, launcher module, cradle and missile. Each
one is pretty straightforward and the only major parts missing that I saw w
ere the intra-module fenders (between the accessory module behind the cabs
and the processing module amidships). The modules for the DML kit attached
to the chassis in the order launch, central, service and cab/hood. Once the
y are in the fenders (.020" sheet should be fine) may be cemented between t
he central and service modules.
A single sheet of acetate is provided for the 12 windows, and all of the w
indow shapes are printed on the acetate. But the modeler has to cut them ou
t as they are not prepunched.
Three finishing options are offered: Soviet (dark green with markings), No
rth Korea (dark green with markings) and Iraqi (sand with markings). A tiny
sheet of decals is included.

Overall this kit is not terrible, and can be made into a nice model as sev
eral modelers have shown on the Internet. But purists may want to wait for
the Model Collect kit. (Note that the box art seems to show it as a wargame
piece with hex grid map lines behind it, so it will be an excellent choice
for that purpose.)
Cookie Sewell
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