ARM: Review - Zvezda 1/100 scale T-34-76 Model 1940

Kit Review: Zvezda 1/100 scale Kit No. 6101; Soviet Medium Tank
T-34/76 Model 1940; five parts in olive green styrene; price about US
Advantages: nicely done wargamer=92s model is better than some larger
scale efforts
Disadvantages: wargamer orientation limits options
Rating: Highly Recommended (within its designed purpose)
Recommendation: for any wargamer using 1/100 as a scale
=93Wargame=94 kits are generally looked down upon by most =93scale=94
modelers as they take a number of shortcuts and make a lot of
compromises when producing a model. But it is understandable, as
nobody who wants to field a battalion or regiment of tanks and
infantry wants to spend $50 a kit and then have to put together up to
1,300 parts to get a single tank finished. It=92s more a case of =93stick
=91em, slam =91em, paint =91em, and fight =91em.=94 They are also inexpensi=
When I was a kid, the choice was usually either ROCO or Roskopf, as
they were all someplace between 1/87 and 1/100 scale, cost 25 to 40
cents each, and could quickly be painted and placed into action. But
over the years ROCO has gone through five or six generations of kits,
and now they are approaching 1/35 scale kits in quality =96 and price.
As a result many companies have now started to go into wargame armor
to produce simple but attractive pieces which are sturdy, easy to
assemble, and relatively inexpensive.
I picked this model up at AMPS 2011 yesterday from Great Models. It
is a typical wargame effort =96 there are only five parts on a single
sprue. You clip off the turret, hull top and belly, track runs, cement
them together, paint and mark them, and boom! - instant T-34.
While obviously spartan in its design surprisingly the model is quite
accurate and in some cases is better than larger scale models in
getting the angles and details right. Drilling out the gun barrel,
careful painting and weathering, and some after-market decals will
produce a very nice little model in its own right.
As it is for wargaming, the kit also provides a statistic card for
use in the =93Art of Tactic - Great Patriotic=94 (also called Operation
Barbarossa 1941) wargame system, which is a set of miniatures rules
which can be expanded by such sets. (See
formatting link
more info on the wargame side of things.)
Overall this isn=92t a bad idea and is a cheap way to wargame, or just
practice your skills on an inexpensive kit.
Cookie Sewell
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Well it's different anyway :o)
Roco Minitanks were never inexpensive where I lived, they were at least three times the cost of the nearest Airfix equivalent.
I can remember a range of jet aircraft plastic kits in 1/100 scale with natural metal finish but not who made them?
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