ARM: Review - Zvezda 1/35 scale WWII Cossacks

Kit Review: Zvezda 1/35 scale Kit No. 3579; Soviet Cossacks WWII; 102
parts in grey styrene; price and availability vary
Advantages: four mounted figures in one kit good value; nice animation
of the horses and good detailing of the Cossacks
Disadvantages: no materials for reins or straps; two sets of two
identical horses and figures limits poses and adaptability
Rating: Recommended
Recommendation: for any Soviet or Russian cavalry fan
Mention Russia and the Steppes and the first thing that comes to mind
is the Cossack. These legendary cavalrymen have lived their lives
there for over a thousand years, and their independence and ferocity
in combat are well known. One of the most famous series of paintings
in Russia is that of the Zaporozhe Cossacks writing a letter to the
Sultan of Turkey after he demanded they submit to him, in which the
Cossacks are seen trying to outdo each other in getting the most
references to =93pig=94 into the letter to the Muslim Sultan.
Recently the Russian Army raised two brigades of Cossacks and they =96
in their traditional costumes =96 are part of the Army. While they are
nominally modern troops with modern equipment, they retain their
horses for show and ceremony.
Zvezda has now released a kit of their WWII grandfathers and it
builds into a set of four Cossacks with sabres and Moisin carbines in
a charge. The kit consists of two sets of two figures and two horses,
but for modeling=92s sake the parts are swapped around in order to
arrive at four unique figures at the end of the day.
The horses each consist of six parts =96 left and right sides, tail,
head and main, and ears. These parts are swapped around and the small
plastic bases are premarked for installing the pegs on the horses=92
feet to ensure that all four horses will have a solid base to stand
upon. Anyone who has ever worked with the 1/30 scale Historex horses
will find this system familiar. Note that some =93hot knife=94 or
pyrogravure work will be needed to =93fluff=94 up the manes and tails to
get a more realistic appearance.
The same goes for the figures. Each figure consists of six basic
parts =96 legs, arms, torso and head with Cossack cap. Each figure also
has kit which is attached, such as a dagger, binoculars, a bread bag,
pistol holster and map case, plus an empty scabbard. Two figures also
have Moisin carbines slung behind them, each with a separate bolt
assembly. They are topped off by capes which are in various states of
flying behind the figures.
The only major thing missing in the kit is material to make reins,
stirrup straps and attachment straps for the scabbards to the figures.
Based on modelers=92 tastes this can best be provided from either 0.005"
styrene sheet or the thin lead foil from the tops of wine bottles. But
it is a problem in a kit like this when they do not provide the
The figures are also easy to upgrade to current day standards by
simply swapping out the Moisins for AKM or AK-74 automatic rifles.
It=92s nice when traditions are reinstated and upheld!
Overall this is a nice set and shows once again that Zvezda has
caught up to Western companies with its figure sets.
Cookie Sewell
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Hi there.
*IF* the horses in this kit are the same ones as the ones in the two horse and riders set #352 also by Zvezda then the horses are multi- pose and there are *SIX* possible variations you can construct. With careful cutting and glueing you can even create a horse that is rearing up.
Cheers from Peter
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TankBuilder2 wrote in news:d18dfedb-eeb4-4f67-9b33-690e5e782f68
Any relation to the Italeri kit of years ago? I think there were two figures and horses in that one.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Hi there.
I think it is the same kit. I really liked the fact that you could get 2 of 6 possible poses from the horses and that they could be posed in full gallop.
Cheers from Peter
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As noted there are two identical sprues of each one in the kit, and as they use the Historex system where all of the parts can mate up with each other it gives the options. Same with the two different figures.
An inexpensive but decent way to do things up, as it gives the builder the option.
Cookie Sewell
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