For Sale - 1/700 Ships - Lot

Would like to sell as a lot!. Priced fairly. All boxes are open, no
missing parts.
Manufacture - Kit Kit Number
Tamiya - HMS Rodney - No-102
Tamiya - Harbour Set A - WL-200
Hasegawa - IJN ISE - No-11
Fujimi - IJN Zuikaku - No-49
IJN Jintsu - No-78
IJN Haruna - No-12
Skyhawk - Motor Torpedo Boats - SW-400
Aoshima - Tugger Set - WL200
Looking for $70 US for all. Plus shipping.
Box is 1880gram, 37cm X 42cm x 13cm
Located in Toronto, ON.
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Nobody interested? Price out off the market? Suggestion? Thanks
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On 1/26/2011 10:10 PM, FalconGuy wrote:> Nobody interested? Price out off the market? Suggestion?
Perchance it might be that buyers don't wish to purchase in bulk. For myself, I see no Kriegsmarine ships. If I get any built completely that would be my category to buy from. I have started ships in the past and never finished them so I'm trying to keep within a certain goal.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Mad Modeller
FalconGuy wrote in news:ihqnmm$is2$1
Also, shipping from Canada can be absurd sometimes. Here, my zip is 40165, Shepherdsville KY. Nice middle of the country location. Come up with shipping options and post costs. That might help.
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Gray Ghost
I was curious so I looked it up. (Got a bunch of kits -I- need to flog from the Great White North one of these days......)
Those kits, in that box, at the described weight would cost $24.83 CDN for expedited parcel, 4 days delivery. US$ and CDN$ were at par yesterday so under a hundred bucks for the lot, delivered.
Express Post was $40 and Priority Worldwide was 131$! I'd go for expedited parcel....
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rfranklin wrote in news:ob73k6t8n6nfre2u0oubadsf15d386tjk4@
Well that should help. Not everyone will want all of them.
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Gray Ghost

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