Gold Paint Through An Airbrush

I'm trying to find a decent, "thin" gold paint that doesn't obscure fine
detail for use on resin kit parts. I've tried some paint right outta the can
and it just lays down far too thick and heavy. I've come close using Tamiya
Gold Leaf mixed with a bit of Tamiya Clear Yellow and thinned with 91%+
rubbing alcohol but it sprays inconsistantly with periods when the silver
separates from the gold/yellow pigment and spatters as silver.
Any suggestions?
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I just used some SnJ Spray Metal - gold flavor - on the exhausts of my Trumpter Chinook. It works just like their silver color, that is to say very easy with fine results. Just make sure your underlying resin or plastic is squared-away as EVERY blemish will show... It's good stuff.
Frank Kranick
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Francis X. Kranick, Jr.
I have tried Polly "S" Metalline with success , it is an acrylic and gives a good robust finish. It is the only acrylic metal finish that I have had any sucess with. SNJ and Alclad are also good products. Don't know if the SNJ and Polly S are still available but I found the Railway hobby shops quite often stocked Poll;y S. ( must be good for rolling stock etc) regards jimboD
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I've used Testors enamel Gold. It brushes very nicely, but is a bit thick when brushed. However, I have airbrushed it and it works fine. If airbrushed one can get a very fine coat, even to the point of creating merely a gold patina. Like all metallics, when I spray gold and other metallic colors I swish the brush/container around every minute or so. I've never suffered a seperation problem. When airbrushing Testors enamel I always use THEIR own airbrush thinner. I clean up with regular paint thinner, however.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota
I don't recall having problems with spraying gold or silver.
Sounds like your problem is that you're using a paint which uses silver powder and gold tinted clear.
Switch to a gold (brass) colored paint which uses gold (brass) colored metallic powder and clear binder. That way, there will be no separation.
Testors and Floquil make such paints (as do most other manufacturers). "Brass" or "gold" is the color.
And keep swishing the paint in the airbrush every few seconds to keep it from separating.
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Peter W.

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