Got some paint on a model

I've been working on a Heller Vautour IIA recently. I've had it around
since the early '70s, doing some work on it off and on. An accidental
dropping sent me back to the basics and I scrubbed all the raised detail
off the major parts, refilled the gaps and scribed in necessary details.
Saturday I put a coat of Pactra Camouflage Grey on the undersides. This
was a NOS bottle that had never been opened and it went on nicely. Hard to
believe that the elder Israeli scheme involved tan and Navy blue on the
Aside from that I have an Aurora F3D painted and ready for decals as a
Korean War-era nightfighter. This was a model that I had first built in
the '60s as a Sea Blue Gloss with white lettering example. It may be the
oldest member of my collection left.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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damn, I've not opened a paint bottle in what near 5 years since I moved to the new house (well 95 year old house) Looks my priorities have changed a bit....
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