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Hello, I'd like to convert Monogram He.111H-? to a H-11, but don't know much about subversions. Questions are: the exhausts of the a/c I want to reproduce are slightly different from the model's - they seem to have "lamelles" of sort. Also, the dorsal position is fully closed, and the ventral STC is a boxy affair different from the one Monogram offers. I also foresee problems with the ventral gunner's position, prbably to be heat-formed over the kit part. Any aftermarket industry out there with the parts I need? I know Koster made an He.111 and offered separate parts, but I don't know what versions are covered. Would wide-chord props from Revell's Ju.88 be appropriate for a late He.111?

Thanks in advance, Bonehammer.

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That's quite a bite you're trying to chew. The dash 11 doesn't get much documentation in the books I've got. They were using Junkers props at that point. The ventral gunner's station was redesigned with better crew protection. You might want to get the ProModeler edition of the He-111 as it's a dash 20 with the turret. I can't say if Revelogram updated the ventral unit. The only conversion I've seen is to backdate it to an E or J. Go to meteorprod.com and look under CuttingEdge resin. hth

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