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From: "Dave Calhoun"
Subject: Re: vietnam era huey color?
Date: 2006. travanj 16 04:16
Hi Mr. Mills,
Great to see you posting online! I'm currently working on an old Tamiya
OH-6 and doing markings of your fameous Miss Clawd IV. Any tips from you as
to the correct color for the OD would be great. Also I'm trying to find
information on the minigun. I have the Squadron Gunslingers book, but have
no good photos of the minigun and ammo feed. Do you know anyplace on the
web that shows this information?
Thanks for the help,
Dave Calhoun
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Damn that is a great site Dave
I've been a helicopter armament repairman all the 20 years I was in the U. S. Army (Dec 77 to Aug 1998). MOS's held are 68M10/20, 68J30, 68J30X1 and 68X3T, H, A2, Q2. I've worked on everything from AH-1G Cobras to AH-64A Apaches. I've never seen this one. Really love that site. Brings back many a memory!
Thanks for sharing
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The Model Hobbit
Thanks vk, some useful photos there of the M27 system. Anyone know if the Loach crews usually removed the streamlined cover over the gun when in combat? If not I'll have to scratchbuild the cover and find a good scale drawing of it. Dave
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Dave Calhoun
Anyone know if the
Early ships had the fairing on the rotor and the XM-27E1. after 68, most removed both. It was too hard to work on with the fairing and the only mod was to build a ram air chute from metal to propell out the spent brass and ditch the fairing. Hugh Mills
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