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Some years ago I bought an Alby conversion for the m4 Italeri to convert in a M10. But the turret is strange the rear extension are very long (picture at

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. Has someone already seen this kind of turret? Is it correct?

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The picture you cited will not open but there were three different service turrets for M10s. All needed counterweights to permit easy traverse.

The first model had large rectangular weights on the back of the forward-slanting upper sections in the rear. This was necessary but rather crude.

The second (and most common) used wedge shaped cast weights with a more streamlined appearance that appeared to be level with the top of the turret and extend it to the rear.

The third one used a redesigned turret rear where the upper rear sections now slanted to the rear, and had an odd "duckbill" shape to the thinner and longer cast weights.

This sounds like the turret you described.

Cookie Sewell

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Aside from the Al-by conversion there are a dozen cast resin kits of the M.10. Two are to 1/72, ten to 1/76.

HAT Industries has a 1/72 M.10. Have not seen it, but I would bet that crude would be a polite description based on their other vehicles.


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From what I have seen on "ontheway" site their M10 is pretty for wargamer kit.

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