It's that time again!

Currently building a Tamiya FW 190D. MDC resin cockpit, cowling, airscrew and undercarriage bay. Eduard PE flaps. Eagle Cal decals.

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The aircraft at the bottom. It even has the open blown canopy robbed from an Eduard kit.

It is painted, Futured and polished, all ready for the decals to go on. My favourite bit! I love my hobby!

However, I'm very interested by the thought of an Eduard FW 190D-9 which is rumoured for later in the year. I wonder if they will do other versions, such as a D-11 or D-13. Maybe a Ta 152...

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I'm not so interested. If they are like the Fw 190As, with many open panels, engine, etc., I'll just hang on to my Tristar 190Ds. If they are more accurate, well, maybe... I prefer the latest Hasegawa Fw 190As to Eduard's.

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DON'T DO IT!!! A finished model means you're another step closer to the last one you'll ever finish.

Leave it incomplete man, for heaven's sake!!!



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Hehe. The last Dragon Dora I built required no filler. You read that correctly. Couldn't *bear* to paint such a unique object.

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