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I just received my new Gateway computer (22" CRT monitor - heavy!)
yesterday. I was able to get my couple-year-old Microsoft joystick to
work with it and opened the new Flight Simulator 3 (the WWII one) as
well as Halo.
I may never return to RMS...
What fun! (the games, not leaving RMS...)
Frank Kranick
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The Kranicks
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Now ditch that piece of crap MS CFS 3, and get a REAL WW II flight simulation; IL 2 Forgotten Battles With ACE Expansion Pak. (Than go to Hyper Lobby and fly online there :)
Seriously IL 2 FB +ACE is SOOOO much better than CFS 3 it isnt funny !!
You will find me online at HL in my all red Yak 9, or in an all white I 153, or all white I 16..... (if I have to, I will fly a Runstang, or Corsair, only if I have to.... :)
IL 2 is that good, the cockpits are excellent, the scenery almost as good, and the online action nonstop !! (need broadband)
Youll never go back to CFS 3...........................
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Get into the jet age and get hold of a copy of Falcon 4.0. Most realistic, comprehensive sim I've seen for the desktop to date.
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I've got a clue for ya son, I already have been playing it for many years now :) !!! (F 4 + FF 3 + Cobra One Patch right now, I have also run it F 4 + SP 4 + BMS 2) Ever since the very first SuperPak (SP 2) came out it's never left my hard drive !! I do full ramp starts and everything is at 100% realism.
I do have to give it credit, LOMAC has the best graphics, and feeling of low level flight of ANY sim made !! (Lock On Modern Air Combat)
But IL 2 is just an awsome sim for online flying and fuighting. The ammount of A/C and the graphics are georgous. (running an OC'd 3.2Ghz at 3.85Ghz right now, watercooled :)
Just like Call Of duty is the most awsome FPS game online there is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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