Two questions - OT - sort of

Qustion one - The new 1/48th Tamiya Sherman is listed as a M4. Does
anyone know if it is a M4A1 or a M4A3 or a M4 something else. It would
also be neat to know if it is a welded or cast hull and the gun caliber
would be 75mm / 76mm / 105mm? I guess that's more than one question
rolled up into question one..... sorry.
Question two - Meteor Productions and 'Pre Orders'... What exactly does
this entail? I know what a pre order is but when they do not quote a
price does it mean that if you opt for a pre order you are on the hook
even if the final price exceeds the debt of some smaller countries? The
one I'm looking at is the Tu-4 [B-29] Chinese AWACS conversion for the
Monogram/Revell B-29. This baby will be expensive and I'd like to have
some information on the pre order rules before I drop my hat in the
ring. [I'm asking here because I wasn't too successful in contacting
Meteor by telephone and they don't answer E-mail queries]. Also I'd
heard, before they ceased production, that Paragon was planning this
conversion. Any thoughts on this? Now that Paragon is returning to
life would they reclaim their rights to this conversion. Probably none
of the above, but I just thought I'd ask. Guess I've done the
multi-part question thingy again. Sorry again.
Thanks and cheers. Jim.
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"Jim" wrote in message
All questions - and way more - answered at:
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Kevin Carroll
******* Thank you Kevin. Much appreciated. Great site and I've gone through the M4 write up several times.... So, I take it the Tamiya M4 would be a M4A1 with a welded hull and a 75 or 76mm gun.
Thanks again. cheers - Jim.
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