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Any one know what happen to the Modeler's Resource Magazine? I can't find it at my local Barnes and Noble Bookstore any more.


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They still publish and I received my subscription copy last weekend. Lately Barnes seems to be cutting back on titles that according to them "do not sell" I went to two different Barnes and asked for the latest Amazing figure Modeler. I was told at both stores that they do not carry the title. They used to! Anyway I have a comic shop nearby which stocks both. I have been meaning to re-up my subscription to AFM to avoid the bs of hunting an issue down.

Cheers, Max Bryant

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Max Bryant

I get all my Aviation magazines at my local B&N and Books A Million (Sarasota, Fl). At the B&N I noticed that they were getting less of the regular magazines that I usually get, AFM, Air International, Wings, Airpower, ETC. Found out the magazine guy was taking the new magazines out of the box, taking the covers off and throwing the new magazines away. He said that he did not feel there was enough space for all those Aviation Magazines. That's not B&N policy. He was fired after that. Make sure you ask the right person. If you ask the stores, they will usually carry the magazine for you, if it's avalable to them. It does not cost them any more. If a magazine does not sell, they just send it back. Steve

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Steve Jahn

they were going from bimonthly to a quarterly publication so I don't know if that may have effected whether or not B&N would continue to carry them. Take a look at their website

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I'm sure they must have contact info there to buy a current or specific issue.

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