Mosquito fighter length length

I dug out my most reliable reference on this subject:
C. Martin Sharp & Michael J.F. Bowyer
Faber & Faber, Ltd. London, 1967
They give the following lengths for deHavilland's Mosquito fighters in
appendix 4, summary of Mosquito variants:
NF.II; 41"-2", addition of A.I. Mk.IV radar increased length to
42'-11", this due to the arrowhead antenna in front.
NF.XII, A.I. Mk.VIII in "Thimble Nose", 40'-5"
NF.XXX with A.I. Mk.10 or U.S. SCR720/729 in "Universal" nose,
and Merlin 72 or 76; 41'-4". A Mk. XVII or XIX should be about the same.
The thing that gets us into trouble in measuring the Mosquito's L.O.A.
is they didn't always measure it the same way. Some measurements were
taken parallel to the line of flight and some parallel with the ground
with the aircraft sitting on it's landing gear. There is a sketch in the
book that illustrates this problem rather well, it shows a Mk.VI fighter
bomber. With the aircraft sitting on the ground and measuring parallel
to the ground we get 40'-10". Jacked up to line of flight we get 41'-2".
Since the NF.II and FB.VI were pretty much the same I would guess the
NF.II measurement given above is line of flight, the NF.XII is probably
parallel to the ground and the NF.XXX line of flight.
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
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Thank you Bill Shuey, I did think that it was a case of the aircraft being measured from the wrong pannel line or something similar.
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