Anyone know who makes a conversion kit of the Convair NB-36H nuclear powered B-36.

The kit has lots of cast resin parts and a crude vacuform canopy. The logo is very stylized, but appears to be Joy Ventshers or Toy Ventshers. Looks to be


Any help appreciated. Would like to know company name and country.



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From the description it's presumably not the Extra Plan conversion (AC-001). I saw various bits from it in the bottom of a box at a show; didn't try to find them all (I've got enough B-36s already), but the advert on the back of the instructions for the Extra Plan Dart-powered Mustang vac-form kit I bought at the same time claims that the NB-36H "Crusader" conversion is vac-form with resin parts. The Extra Plan logo is white letters on a black disk, The are (or were) from Poland, the address on the instructions is: ul. Zakladowa 60/5

92-402 Lodz Poland tel.: (0-42) 48-14-01 (although with a couple of Polish accents that my keyboard can't cope with thrown in). The advert also includes a Piper Enforcer, PZL P.23 Karas, Cavalier Turbo Mustang III (Dart engine) and PZL P.43 in 1:72, plus two versions of the 7TP tank in 1:35.


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Wodja mean ???

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